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Importance of Personal Injury Doctors

You need to see a personal injury doctor if you were involved in an accident, whether it was in a car, a motorcycle, or if you slipped and fell but it was not your fault.  You should see a personal injury doctor so that you will know the extent of your injuries so you can be treated and so that you can get help for your legal case.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consult a personal injury doctor

If you are filing for compensation claims then your lawyer would need evidence for your case.  This evidence can be provided by your medical records.  The injuries you have sustained from the accident will be shown in these records.  Make sure that the Personal Injury Doctor Now will give you a medical record that is complete and thorough.  There should be a comprehensive list of all your injuries and the treatment given.  It is important for you to have it on record that right after the accident, you immediately went for treatment and followed what was recommended for your case.  Personal injury doctors know what documentation is required for you case.

The attending ER doctor will be the first doctor to check up the extent of your injuries.  If the ER doctor deems that you need ongoing care, then you should see a qualified physician.  It important to have ongoing treatment in order for you to recover from your injuries.  If it is your family doctor, then a new file should be given for your injury claim.  This record will not include any of your previous ailments but only those you have sustained in the accident.  Personal injury doctors know how to ask questions that will add to our evidence and the documents needed for your legal case.

It is important that your personal doctor be the one to give evidence on your behalf.  When being scrutinized, a doctor brought by your personal injury lawyer to give evidence of your behalf might fail to answer questions rightly.  But if it is your own doctor, he will be able to stand when cross examined by the defense.  Your treating doctor can discuss your case accurately and can provide missing details from your records.

You need to see a personal injury doctor right away.  This will make your claim appear more genuine and the jury can easily join the accident and injury together in their minds.  The defense can think that you were being treated for an unrelated injury if you wait too long.  And if your lawyer uses a medical expert, it won't look good since a medical expert is seen as someone being paid for a testimony.

It is a terrible thing to be in an accident.  When you lack medical evidence to make your case, it could add to your physical and emotional agony.  If you see a personal injury doctor at once, then this can be avoided.

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